What is TykCoin?

The StageWood Consortium, Inc. is developing a unique network of Fans, Performer, Producers and Software Professionals working in an integrated platform that capitalizes the advances in Blockchain technology.

Our blockchain platform, TykFrame is built on the Linux Foundation Hyperledger Fabric (initially contributed by Digital Asset and IBM), and maintained by the CrypTyKum Foundation. This platform will interconnect a network of independent member organizations into an Entertainment Industry Consortium.

The community members will share entertainment business and customer applications working on TykFrame and processing financial transactions coded in smart contracts (Chaincode) using its own native utility token: TykCoin (TYK).

StageWood Community Dynamics

StageWood provides a trusted platform where a collaborative community of Fans, Artists and Producers operate in a mutually beneficial environment.

  • Fans use regular currency for purchasing entertainment in TyKet where they will also have a TykCoin Wallet.
  • Fans, Artists and Producers also accept TykCoin as a value exchange Token for all services and transactions of events developed within the StageWood community.
  • Fans, Producer and Artists interact in Tyket to coordinate crowd-funded events. Requests for events are recorded in chaincode (smart contracts) that register the details of the transaction.
  • Secured Wallets for the Producer and Artist are loaded with agreed funds in TykCoins but locked.
  • Tickets are sold in Tyket.
  • Tickets sell revenue is converted to TykCoins which are saved in the event secured wallet.
  • After completion of the Event, the event smart contract settles and TykCoins are electronically distributed to participants upon agreed terms. All wallets are unlocked and TykCoins can be saved or exchanged for desired currency.

StageWood Consortium, Inc. is offering TykCoins for sale on an Initial Coin Offering (ICO)

The ICO will distribute the TykCoins to the community.


Simple Agreement for Future Token (SAFT)

Available to private authorized investors through a Private Placement memorandum.

40% discount of Initial ICO offering price (70% discount of 2019 Market Value).

Token Sale

Interactive Initial Token Offering.

The Initial Token Sale will follow an Interactive algorithm as described by Teutsch and Buterin.

Price of acquisition will be determined by the final valuation of the token at the end of the sale as determined by market demand.

power of Blockchain

Tokenization Benefits

TykCoins carry inherited benefits derived from Blockchain Technology and its digital nature. Its use will allow innumerable benefits to fans and the entertainment community, including:

• Individual Ownership

• Committed Market

• Ubiquitous Access

• Remote Transactions

• Fee Savings

• Rewards

• Immediate Settlement

• Portability

• Fraud Prevention

• Identity Theft Prevention

• Decentralization

• Record Keeping


For transactions in the network will be possible only through:

  • The phases of the initial Token Distribution.
  • Purchases in the platform proprietary wallet, TykWood, or secondary market exchanges.
  • Though receiving token rewards from promotions or membership loyalty programs.
Ensure a safe

Entertainment value exchange

As the entertainment smart contracts “value transference tool”, participating organizations will benefit from the Token security and simplicity of transactions. Performers may elect to be compensated with TykCoins for their work allowing for easy transference without borders.


Producers will use the token to access the functionality of the smart contracts for their events organizations. Fans will use it to crowdfund events by purchasing early reward packages; pay for tickets to events and to acquire other services and products.


Best Features

Industry consensus

Rules and regulations are determined by the participating member organizations. Policies, technology uses and development are agreed upon by independent members voting through a democratic blockchain secured process.

Instant Private Transaction

Reliable and low cost transfer of value, either TykCoins or actual event participating Tickets will be safely transferred from Peer to Peer and between organization members in a trusted platform. Blockchain technology provide security and transfer ledger control, eliminating scalper intermediaries.

Limitless Applications

Organization Members sharing information to expand Fan access to events. Ticket selling platforms will expand to the reach all participating member resources and their client bases. Shared benefits will deliver unique experiences to Fans.


Token Structure & Funds Distribution

Upon closure of the Token Sale, the raised funds will be distributed to related entities in order to proceed with planned developments. If all the available tokens for sale were to be sold at its minimum price of US$0.25 per TykCoin, the foundation would be receiving about US$200,000,000.

Use of Funds

Token Distribution

For More Information

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Road Map

Our team works hard to realize the goals we have set ourselves.

October 2017 - August 2018

Design & ICO Registration

August 2018 - January 2019

Simple Agreement for Future Tokens (SAFT) & Private Placement Offering Memorandum (PPM)

November 2018

Release of Tyket Mobile App MVP (Minimum Viable Product)

January - March 2019

Interactive ICO (I-ICO)

April 2019

Closure & Distribution Grants

June 2019

Tyket APP Beta version Release, Stagewood Events Announcements & Sites Development Planning

November 2019

TykFrame Beta Release

Meet The Customer Development Team

Management Team

Santiago Figuereo
Founder & CEO
Louis Silvestre
Chief Business Development Officer
Illeana Belliard
Chief Financial Officer
MEET THE Prominent International TEAM


James Dodrill
Pres. James G. Dodrill II PA
Daldo Romano
Pres. DAREntertainment
José M. Brandariz
President & CEO Beverly Hills Entertainment
Fernando Davila
Shahin Afsharian
Executive Chef
Bernardo de Souza
Blockchain Certified Specialist
Miguel Alcantud
Creator and Art Director of “Microteatro”
Ricardo Jáquez
Executive Chairman of Filmmakers Collective LLC

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